eMule Plus Bugs List

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Fixed: it was fixed by developers but solution not yet confirmed.
Closed: it was fixed by developers and verified by beta testers that is solved.

Description Category Severity Fix/Close
+ Support for "Part File Access Module for VideoLAN" Engine Feature Closed
+ Impossible to add a file (from search) to the last, very right category Engine Feature Closed
+ On Queue with filter to show banned, shows non-banned clients Engine Feature Closed
+ Message disapears when connection to client fails Engine Trivial Closed
+ Inability to remove a shared file comment Engine Minor Closed
+ socket connection request on IRC is sent with every click Engine Minor Closed
+ 0.28 and newer clients can not view a Plus client's Shared Files Engine Minor Closed
+ Adding multiple files too quickly via ed2k links launches multiple eMule instances Engine Minor Closed
+ Remaining data bug - Shows status as downloading but doesnt. Engine Minor Closed
+ Unexpected file error if destination folder does not exist Engine Minor Closed
+ Dynip in serverlist is broken Engine Minor Closed
+ Problems when sharing more than x files with Win98 Engine Major Closed
+ Files downloading while Paused // possible crash when out of free space Engine Major Closed
+ Pretty high memory usage Engine Major Closed
+ Freezes when completing files on a SMP machine Engine Block Closed
+ SHIFT + up/down selection does not work with Shared files GUI Feature Closed
+ Toolbar text disapears when buttons rearranged GUI Feature Closed
+ Remote rating, community user etc. in Client details are not correctly shown/calculated GUI Feature Closed
+ Mouse wheel in Serverinfo window does not work GUI Trivial Closed
+ Own comments not directly showing. GUI Trivial -
+ Proportional increase of the category tag's textpadding GUI Trivial Closed
+ Shared Files Shell Menu: Send To... option doesn't display items in a subfolder GUI Trivial Closed
+ ToolTip sometimes get stuck on screen GUI Tweak -
+ Report Fake bug GUI Minor Closed
+ Columns in transfer window are not properly resized on separator-click GUI Minor Closed
+ Columns not viewable when filename column resized GUI Minor -
+ Incorrect info in Video Info (very rare bug) GUI Minor Closed
+ upload list header always shows 0 banned. GUI Minor Closed
+ When file with sources expanded autosorts, file moves at once, sources follow after delay. GUI Major -
+ Funny scrolling behavior in some list boxes Preferences Trivial Closed
+ Categories are wrong for Temp Files when switching from oMule to eMule Plus Sorting Minor -
+ Sorting is not saved when enhanced sorting is disabled Sorting Minor Closed
+ Little sorting bug when expanding and unexpanding sources in download list Sorting Minor Closed
+ Bug in "Average Download rate", Value ZERO can't be negative... Statistics Trivial Closed
+ UDP-Search countdown switches to "49 Ds 17 Hs".... Statistics Text Closed
+ Up/Downspeeds in Transfer window often wrong Statistics Tweak Closed
+ Update Delay of the Statistic Tree. Get back to 5 secs on new e+ session Statistics Minor Closed
+ Details not updated using cursor-keys in Known Clients Upload System Trivial Closed
+ Bug in "Show Shared Files" Upload System Minor -
+ Flying combobox boxes WebServer Tweak Closed
+ WebServer shows wrong Time of Day, when in another TimeZone WebServer Tweak Closed
+ Incorrect HTTP Headers being sent WebServer Major Closed