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+ Make Emule switch to another file for a user if that user is the only source for that file. A4AF
+ A4AF Improvements A4AF
+ Enhancement for "Cleanup" before renaming files Engine
+ Timer, instead '-' while transferring Engine
+ IPFilter.dat should be updated like fakes.rar Engine
+ "Sleep & Normal Modes" (Adjust upload settings when PC is inactive) Engine
+ Make use of personal IPFilter.DAT file Engine
+ LowID Queue System - LQS Engine
+ Add CAPTCHA support for chat messages Engine
+ Start downloads only when seen complete or only when all chunks available Engine
+ Better source processing order to be more fair to rare files Engine
+ Allow different number of sources per file as opposed to max sources per file Engine
+ Statistic Graphs for Individual files. Engine
+ Selectable number of active files in download queue + Selectable order to start files paused after completing file Engine
+ Return QR 65535 to banned clients to be displayed in Priority as 'Banned' Engine
+ Customizable format for Copying Links to Clipboard Engine
+ Add a "Last Requested" column to Shared Files Engine
+ A wishlist for e2dk links Engine
+ uPNP Support Engine
+ Search from official client Engine
+ Seperate speed settings & statistics for Lancast Engine
+ Ability to use 'Shell Menu' when multiple files selected in Shared Files Engine
+ Changing eMule ports should not require restart before new ports are used Engine
+ Random listening ports for eMule Engine
+ Ability to get HighID when using Proxy (Possibly by option to directly connect to servers?) Engine
+ Collapse shared file part list with +/- keys (like for download list) GUI
+ If category is selected on the search page, clicking an ed2k link should add the file to that category GUI
+ Message recieved alert icon for system tray. (Possibly blink?) GUI
+ Shorten or break long file-/username GUI
+ Test button for email notifier GUI
+ Show top 3 queue position without expanding GUI
+ More info about available and neede parts.. GUI
+ Change "Media Info" -> "Header Info" to support multiple file types GUI
+ Display Packed Bitstream in Video Info GUI
+ File/Client details to allow jump to next or previous item in list GUI
+ Separate (debug) log into several tabs and several files + add filters GUI
+ Ability to refresh someone's Shared Files list GUI
+ More customizeable Statictics GUI GUI
+ Hiding/Removing graphs or Stats GUI
+ Stats: D/U capacity scale GUI
+ Hide UL/DL ratio & Rating columns unless sources are expanded GUI
+ Success & Fail Upload Statistics for Individual files. GUI
+ Log: changeable length between Log and Serverlist sections. GUI
+ Option for permenant Systray Icon (Icon present even when eMule is open) GUI
+ Display number of full sources in sources column GUI
+ Readjust display in Shared Files list after using Shell Menu GUI
+ Days Since Complete column for downloads list GUI
+ Use of keyboard arrows in systray menu GUI
+ Customizable font type and size for eMule GUI GUI
+ Ctrl+V inserts ed2k-filelinks from the clipboard, from official Preferences
+ Update Scheduler to more advanced version Preferences
+ Customizable DebugLog Preferences
+ Separate ipfilter settings for servers and DynIP servers Preferences
+ More sound alerts Preferences
+ "Auto Recursive Shared Folders" Preferences
+ New Statistic: Upload Compression Gain Statistics
+ Automation when releasing! Upload System
+ Trace your own parts Upload System
+ ZZ UploadSpeedSense Upload System
+ Implement the "one-queue-per-file" in the upload system, already coded by bloodymad. Upload System
+ Additonal WebServer Security WebServer
+ Allow WebServer to host XML-file for AutoDL.. WebServer
+ WS with Ajax and XML WebServer
+ Access to Comments in Webserver WebServer
+ Work on more than one file at once (with checkboxes ?) WebServer