eMule Plus Requested Features List

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+ Show partstatus also for A4AF A4AF Closed
+ Make Emule switch to another file for a user if that user is the only source for that file. A4AF -
+ A4AF Improvements A4AF -
+ Enable "Drop supercompressed blocks" when more than one file is selected A4AF Closed
+ Enhancement for "Cleanup" before renaming files Engine -
+ ICH improvement: make it work across restarts by storing recovery information. Engine Closed
+ Timer, instead '-' while transferring Engine -
+ IPFilter.dat should be updated like fakes.rar Engine -
+ Add Unicode UTF-8 to eMule Plus Engine Closed
+ Build unRAR.dll into eMule.exe Engine Closed
+ "Sleep & Normal Modes" (Adjust upload settings when PC is inactive) Engine -
+ Make use of personal IPFilter.DAT file Engine -
+ Advanced filtering of Fake/Corrupt chunk sending clients Engine Closed
+ Send FILERATING tags to servers Engine Closed
+ Download manager Engine Closed
+ Advanced View shared files Engine Closed
+ Support of files greater than 4GB Engine Closed
+ LowID Queue System - LQS Engine -
+ eMule Plus source code should be easier to get Engine Fixed
+ Add CAPTCHA support for chat messages Engine -
+ Allow Bandwidth Settings in <1KB Incremements- Engine Closed
+ Start downloads only when seen complete or only when all chunks available Engine -
+ Better source processing order to be more fair to rare files Engine -
+ Allow different number of sources per file as opposed to max sources per file Engine -
+ Option to auto restart eMule if it crashes Engine Closed
+ Statistic Graphs for Individual files. Engine -
+ Selectable number of active files in download queue + Selectable order to start files paused after completing file Engine -
+ Import / Export parts Engine Closed
+ Secure Hash / Secure ID / Secure User Identification System Engine Closed
+ Auto-drop full queue sources (when max.sources limit is reached) Engine Closed
+ Return QR 65535 to banned clients to be displayed in Priority as 'Banned' Engine -
+ Collection of several official bugfixes and patches (mainly for devs) Engine Closed
+ Customizable format for Copying Links to Clipboard Engine -
+ Detecting SUPERcompressed blocks Engine Closed
+ Update download notification log entries to include Category info Engine Closed
+ Button to export/backup all 'vital' files Engine Closed
+ More info on automated ban-message Engine Closed
+ Add a "Last Requested" column to Shared Files Engine -
+ Place cursor in text entry field when you R-click on a client and choose Send Message so you can immediately start typing. Engine Closed
+ Redownload complete hashset in case of repeated corruption of part(s) Engine Closed
+ A wishlist for e2dk links Engine -
+ Run Antivirus tool on a file as soon as d/l is complete Engine Closed
+ Move different extensions to different folders (optionally) Engine Closed
+ Using ED2K-Links with Opera or Mozilla Engine Closed
+ Use filehash in place of numbers for temp file names to allow auto restore of corrupted part.met files! Engine Closed
+ Leave remote queue if QR > 2000 for Files with more than x Sources Engine Closed
+ A "mute" feature to temporarily reduce bandwidth/connection use. Engine Closed
+ Defeat 0-filled Part Senders Engine Closed
+ uPNP Support Engine -
+ Friendsharing Mod Countermeasures Engine Closed
+ Search from official client Engine -
+ Seperate speed settings & statistics for Lancast Engine -
+ Import new part file format from Hybrid (official) Engine Closed
+ Ability to use 'Shell Menu' when multiple files selected in Shared Files Engine -
+ Changing eMule ports should not require restart before new ports are used Engine -
+ Monitor clipboard for ed2k-links Engine Closed
+ Backup .txtsrc-files Engine Closed
+ Random listening ports for eMule Engine -
+ Ability to get HighID when using Proxy (Possibly by option to directly connect to servers?) Engine -
+ Collapse shared file part list with +/- keys (like for download list) GUI -
+ Show 'needed parts' in upload progress bar GUI Closed
+ dimmed hidden parts GUI Closed
+ Make eMule support skins GUI Closed
+ Enhancement of Copy&Paste GUI Closed
+ Ability to copy the comments of others to the clipboard (Allows for easier translation) GUI Closed
+ Add "Clients" context menu options to the Comments Window! GUI Closed
+ If category is selected on the search page, clicking an ed2k link should add the file to that category GUI -
+ Message recieved alert icon for system tray. (Possibly blink?) GUI -
+ Shorten or break long file-/username GUI -
+ Connected server name in tool tip from tray icon GUI Closed
+ Test button for email notifier GUI -
+ Show top 3 queue position without expanding GUI -
+ More info about available and neede parts.. GUI -
+ Change "Media Info" -> "Header Info" to support multiple file types GUI -
+ Context menu regrouping GUI Closed
+ Total UL:DL Ratio GUI Closed
+ Display Packed Bitstream in Video Info GUI -
+ File/Client details to allow jump to next or previous item in list GUI -
+ Separate (debug) log into several tabs and several files + add filters GUI -
+ Set focus on next message tab GUI Closed
+ Ability to set JS on more than one file at once. GUI Closed
+ Don't re-sort the download window over and over when sorted on progress. GUI Closed
+ Annoyance when closing a search result. GUI Closed
+ Show overall d/l time when file is complete GUI Closed
+ Abillity to select multiple users and add/remove friends GUI Closed
+ Edit an existing server name/specs GUI Closed
+ Dropdown list box with history for search name GUI Closed
+ Reset button for statistics graph GUI Closed
+ Make log file more readable GUI Closed
+ Ability to refresh someone's Shared Files list GUI -
+ More customizeable Statictics GUI GUI -
+ Search: Cursor jump to Name field after Remove All button pushed GUI Closed
+ Hiding/Removing graphs or Stats GUI -
+ Smart Filter (to filter results on made searches) GUI Closed
+ Displayfilter for sources shown in downloads, xrmb's Smart Open enhanced GUI Closed
+ Hide files with currently no available sources GUI Closed
+ Stats: D/U capacity scale GUI -
+ Statistics: Show Clients By MODs GUI Closed
+ change sort order for status column GUI Closed
+ 'Completed' column GUI Closed
+ Canceling search tabs seperately, without having to close them GUI Closed
+ Ability to organize download list (user defined folders) GUI Closed
+ Different way to close Message tabs GUI Closed
+ Sort files by 'Last seen complete' date GUI Closed
+ Keyboard shortcuts GUI Closed
+ Split Remaining column (make two: 'MB' and 'Time') GUI Closed
+ Hide UL/DL ratio & Rating columns unless sources are expanded GUI -
+ Download Progress Bar: different color for redownloaded parts GUI Fixed
+ Clicking message alert icon takes you to message GUI Closed
+ Features to help those with d/l caps (reset statistics, include overhead) GUI Closed
+ Visual Improvements for Serverlist (Highlight connected server) GUI Closed
+ Tooltips for Serverlist GUI Closed
+ Visual Improvements for Serverlist (Dim servers that have failed once or more) GUI Closed
+ Auto-save comments GUI Closed
+ Add static server icon from Webserver to GUI Serverlist GUI Closed
+ Add tootip for connected server (shown at bottom right of window) GUI Closed
+ Easier way to open File Details (Using Middle Mouse button) GUI Closed
+ Success & Fail Upload Statistics for Individual files. GUI -
+ Comments column for Shared Files window GUI Closed
+ Show Client Details from Messages tab GUI Closed
+ Add context menu options of Delete & Opening Containing Folder to completed downloads GUI Closed
+ Show Last Progress in File Details GUI Closed
+ A session timer in the status bar GUI Closed
+ File status icons showing all file statuses GUI Closed
+ Add Active and Inactive view filters GUI Closed
+ Add view filter "categories" GUI Closed
+ Add a "Time Waited" column to the download list. GUI Closed
+ Statistics: Transfer, Total Failed Uploads, specify what caused each failure in those uploads... GUI Closed
+ Log: changeable length between Log and Serverlist sections. GUI -
+ Show filename of file being (re)hashed GUI Closed
+ When opening the search window make the Name field active automatically GUI Closed
+ When closing search tabs set focus to the next tab instead of first one GUI Closed
+ Allow width of Friends list to be changed GUI Closed
+ Option for permenant Systray Icon (Icon present even when eMule is open) GUI -
+ Sorting of Shared Files chunk details (xrmb) GUI Closed
+ Download added/finished notification to show the actual category where the download is. GUI Closed
+ Show Shared/Known Files Button GUI Closed
+ ED2K Links for Known Files GUI Closed
+ Action Buttons (Pause, resume, priority, preview...) GUI Closed
+ Copy text from Chats GUI Closed
+ Display number of full sources in sources column GUI -
+ Readjust display in Shared Files list after using Shell Menu GUI -
+ Part columns for downloads. GUI Closed
+ Days Since Complete column for downloads list GUI -
+ Use of keyboard arrows in systray menu GUI -
+ Customizable font type and size for eMule GUI GUI -
+ Ctrl+V inserts ed2k-filelinks from the clipboard, from official Preferences -
+ Update Scheduler to more advanced version Preferences -
+ Customizable DebugLog Preferences -
+ Separate ipfilter settings for servers and DynIP servers Preferences -
+ Start eMule in System Tray Preferences Closed
+ Add a switch to 'away state' in systray menu Preferences Closed
+ Add max.conn.limit to Night Shift preferences Preferences Closed
+ Option to automatically run backup every x hrs. (Also Backup button for toolbar) Preferences Closed
+ Serverlist Management Features... Preferences Closed
+ More sound alerts Preferences -
+ "Auto Recursive Shared Folders" Preferences -
+ Check Scheduler at Startup Preferences Closed
+ Save sources in .txtsrc-file on exit SLS Closed
+ Re add statistics for "Active Downloads" Statistics Closed
+ Statistic showing # of Secure User ID (SUI) clients Statistics Closed
+ New Statistic: Upload Compression Gain Statistics -
+ Localize 'Statistics Last Reset' time/date Statistics Closed
+ Sort mods and clients by their number, not by their version Statistics Closed
+ Automation when releasing! Upload System -
+ Trace your own parts Upload System -
+ ZZ UploadSpeedSense Upload System -
+ Implement the "one-queue-per-file" in the upload system, already coded by bloodymad. Upload System -
+ Additonal WebServer Security WebServer -
+ Swap A4AF in WebServer WebServer Closed
+ Lock/UnLock button in WebServer WebServer Closed
+ Honor "Show paused/stopped files last" in WebServer WebServer Closed
+ Allow WebServer to host XML-file for AutoDL.. WebServer -
+ Add ToolTip to Lock/Unlock button WebServer Closed
+ Make WS remember sort-settings, between restart of eMule Plus WebServer Closed
+ Language Selection in WS WebServer Closed
+ WS with Ajax and XML WebServer -
+ Encryption For Webserver WebServer Closed
+ Saving and enriching preferences. WebServer Closed
+ Second password for read-only access WebServer Closed
+ Write to (separate ?) log all actions like login attempts, IPs etc WebServer Closed
+ Block IPs or total block on 3 or more wrong login attempts OR enable only specific IPs WebServer Closed
+ General improvements WebServer Closed
+ Access to Web Services in Webserver WebServer Closed
+ Access to Comments in Webserver WebServer -
+ Work on more than one file at once (with checkboxes ?) WebServer -
+ possibility of showing completed downloads in transfer area WebServer Closed
+ dividing statistics into separate variables WebServer Closed
+ moving graph code from emule to template WebServer Closed
+ moving action-button code in transfer area from emule to template WebServer Closed
+ dividing code from action-button-info in transfer area into separate variables WebServer Closed
+ possibility to place graphics somewhere inside emule folder on harddisc to use on template WebServer Closed
+ dividing template into several templates for each part WebServer Closed
+  separate access rights for each template (see feature request 182) WebServer Closed
+ email alerts WebServer Closed
+ More search methods WebServer Closed
+ Possibility to sort the DL list by the Sources column WebServer Closed
+ "Access Denied" popup WebServer Closed