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> eMule Plus 1.2a, 13.10.2006

Oct 13 2006, 12:41
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eMule Plus was achieved thanks to the extensive work of a dedicated team of developers and through all the collaboration of the people sending us code. We want to thank all beta testers and translators who gave part of their lives to make this application better. Keep up the good work!

eMule Plus Official Web Site

eMulePlus-1.2a.Binary.zip @ SourceForge
eMulePlus-1.2a.FAQ.En.zip @ SourceForge
eMulePlus-1.2a.Installer.exe @ SourceForge
eMulePlus-1.2a.Source.zip @ SourceForge

For mirrors go to our home page

Some file formats were changed in this version so you might have some issues if you revert to an older version. We recommend you to backup all configuration files and database directory if you want to downgrade later.

We have a new off-line FAQ in PDF format. You can get it from here.

13.10.06 | eMulePlus 1.2a
FEATURE: Stand-alone FAQ version in PDF format (available as a separate download) [Vladimir (SV)/Aw3]
FEATURE: filename cleanup shortcut {Towelie} [Aw3]
FEATURE: server list update option was split into update from servers and clients {ElAguila} [Aw3]
FEATURE: configuration of default file permission {conman} [Aw3/DarkSoul]
FEATURE: show server UDP capabilities in the server list tooltips [Aw3]
FEATURE: large file size support (max file size 512 GB - 1 = 549,755,813,887) [Aw3]
FEATURE: Ukrainian localization [Punk/Aw3]
FEATURE: Complete Sources information in the file details [Aw3]
FEATURE: detect ADPCM audio stream in AVI info {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
FEATURE: show overall file rating provided by servers in the search list [Aw3]
FEATURE: option to send email notification messages in subject [KuSh]
FEATURE: shortcut for "Download from all A4AF sources (same category)" {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
FEATURE: Malay localization [xyes/Aw3]
FEATURE: support for previewing encrypted and solid RAR archives (adapted from original) [Aw3]
CHANGE: speeded up file parts info list processing to be suitable for large files [Aw3]
CHANGE: alternative file destination directory was moved to .part.settings {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
CHANGE: dropped configuration file migration from old versions (< v1h) [Aw3]
CHANGE: removed not working 'Automatic serverconnect without proxy' feature [Aw3]
CHANGE: use general user agent for HTTP requests [Aw3]
CHANGE: more efficient Rx file data caching to reduce disk access [Aw3]
CHANGE: faster plot statistics processing for WebServer and MobileMule [Aw3]
CHANGE: speeded up drawing of Part Traffic status bar [Aw3]
CHANGE: faster processing of remote part status packets [Aw3]
CHANGE: format of partperm.dat, smooth upgrade, settings loss on downgrade if there're file hidden parts [Aw3]
CHANGE: Jumpstart database format to support large files, smooth upgrade, downgrade with limitations [Aw3]
CHANGE: delayed file republishing on the server to post new rating or complete status [Aw3]
CHANGE: faster insertion to uploading when queue is empty [Aw3]
CHANGE: reduced timeout to purge inactive sources from 2:00h to 1:40h [Aw3]
CHANGE: drop without delay some kind of inactive remote LowID sources in upload queue [Aw3]
CHANGE: drop some buggy ed2k clients from upload queue as such remote LowID can't be contacted [Aw3]
CHANGE: don't send reask to a full source before file completion to save traffic [Aw3]
CHANGE: more accurate estimation of the required free disk space for archive preview [Aw3]
CHANGE: improved timeout processing on WinXP SP2 [Eklmn]
CHANGE: used lighter way to detect Internet connectivity [Aw3]
CHANGE: don't try to hash temporary files used by file completion {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
CHANGE: simplified email notifier code (adapted from original) [KuSh]
CHANGE: dropped import of old preferences (preceding eMule v0.21) [Aw3]
CHANGE: simplified obtaining of HTTP response values [Aw3]
CHANGE: limit minimum server connection timeout for connection though proxy (from original) [Aw3]
CHANGE: file sharing mode to allow read-only access to an archive preview files [Aw3]
CHANGE: show IRC Nickname list context menu even when no selection [Aw3]
CHANGE: don't send any cookie while checking for a new version [Aw3]
CHANGE: WebServer: order of friend and credit queues according to prefs and GUI {Fuxie - DK} [morphis/Aw3]
CHANGE: WebServer: faster preparation of the tranfer, search and shared files pages [Aw3]
BUGFIX: delete stray .part.met.bad on file completion and cancelation [Aw3]
BUGFIX: constant rehashing of files with some weird date {mamamia} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: toolbar button state while up/down customizing {DoubleT} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: new category ID allocation {rgreen83} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: corrected part file date check causing rehashing in some cases {muleteer} [Aw3/KuSh]
BUGFIX: don't republish a file on the server if only comment was changed [Aw3]
BUGFIX: default category color [Aw3]
BUGFIX: Info View header localization after language switch {mamamia} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: part file loading assigned to the not existing category [Aw3]
BUGFIX: stopping of a file paused due to lack of disk space {muleteer} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: completion for some particular file names {taltamir} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: corrected saving of statistics plot colors to preferences.ini [Aw3]
BUGFIX: exception on closure when no disk space for buffered file data [Aw3]
BUGFIX: corrected some memory deallocations {tHeWiZaRdOfDoS} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: complete transfer calculation for part traffic [Aw3]
BUGFIX: part traffic chunk statistics reset [Aw3]
BUGFIX: disappearance of the chat message pane after pressed <Esc> (from original) [Aw3]
BUGFIX: delete unused client objects when a file is stopped to free memory [Aw3]
BUGFIX: UDP reasks shouldn't have been sent to NNS [Aw3]
BUGFIX: focus issues for modal dialogs on the server window {Vladimir (SV)} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: corrected kick of banned source from upload queue [Aw3]
BUGFIX: chat session has to be disconnected on ban (from original) [Aw3]
BUGFIX: missed upload overhead for data packets [Aw3]
BUGFIX: cursor destruction {SlugFiller} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: don't add sources with mismatch part count to downloading [Aw3]
BUGFIX: display of Waited Time in remove queue for 'Another Server LowID' sources [Aw3]
BUGFIX: file Last Reception time for files complete on startup {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: insertion to uploading -- too many socket connections blocked some even already connected sources [Aw3]
BUGFIX: source reasking when too many connections threshold reached [Aw3]
BUGFIX: don't hash and share part files without complete chunks on startup after improper closure [Aw3]
BUGFIX: disabled renaming of file completed while renaming in download list {Vladimir (SV)} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: displaying of the completed size for erroneous files on startup {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: don't show Media Info tab for formats which can't be examined {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: edit dialog and message box localizations {BouRock} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: log information about duplicate shared files {Vladimir (SV)} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: some remote LowID purged from the download queue weren't deleted from known client list [Aw3]
BUGFIX: position loss of some sources in our upload queue after file completion [Aw3]
BUGFIX: a rare remote queue position loss due to missed reask for downloading remote LowID [Aw3]
BUGFIX: rare creation of wrong .stats file in the destination directory {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: download state change for remote LowID sources [Aw3]
BUGFIX: file compression gain and corruption loss in Info pane [Aw3]
BUGFIX: preview free disk space check {Vladimir (SV)} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: create temp. files for archive preview in corresponding temp. directory of part file [Aw3]
BUGFIX: sorting of erroneous files under 'Show paused and stopped files last' {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: file hashing in case of file read error {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: renaming through context menu (added sanity checks) {Prodoc} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: an issue with the scheduler handling of 0:00hs switch {guillep2k} [DonGato]
BUGFIX: Internet Connection Check stuck in some cases {DoubleT/xalbux} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: display of unknown video codec in AVI info {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: search and download list redraw after color related settings change in preferences {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: source sorting when more than one client with status "Queue Full" exists {Vladimir (SV)} [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: error log message while saving credit file {dbh} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: localization for new eMule Plus version auto-check {purgossu} [Aw3/DonGato]
BUGFIX: prevent data exchange unless hello-handshaking is finished [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: rare incorrect setting of NNS state by download [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: processing of incorrect data while recovering for archive preview {muleteer} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: archive preview recovery for some boundary conditions [Aw3]
BUGFIX: preview of ZIP archive containing a directory archive entry (from original) [Aw3]
BUGFIX: deletion of output file after failed archive preview recovery {muleteer} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: MobileMule: potential crash on socket closure {Xman1} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: IRC: socket connection request on every connect button click {Vladimir (SV)} [KuSh]
BUGFIX: WebServer: usage of <br /> tag [Aw3]
BUGFIX: WebServer: drop-down menu items, collapsing text {muleteer} [morphis]
BUGFIX: WebServer: login page incorrection to follow specification [DonGato]
BUGFIX: WebServer: browser image preloading {muleteer} [morphis]

Official MD5 checksums
ea6098f8b6e309b422cc0a12e469a184 eMulePlus-1.2a.Binary.zip
c6fc720026117886b92a31c6ed8ac0e8 eMulePlus-1.2a.FAQ.En.zip
2cd855889711b05fdfad41d8071afa97 eMulePlus-1.2a.Installer.exe
a765f7d672b50796fc047d23842e561b eMulePlus-1.2a.Source.zip
7240462b169c7337f69f80ecdc1c2743 eMule.exe

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