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Old computer games still worth playing

Are you feeling nostalgic about the games which were popular twenty years ago? You can still enjoy playing them! While modern video games are impressing players with their state-of-the-art graphics, many games which we used to play twenty years ago still seem to be appealing and exciting. Even though we......

Video games which are pure food for thoughts

While some people are seeking an escape from reality in games allowing this form of entertainment to absorb them completely and give their minds a rest, others are avoiding video games believing this form of spending your spare time is not able to enrich your inner world. To some point......

The best indie games according to Google

The top games of the modern market are undeniably incredible with all their realistic graphics, smooth gameplay and rich mechanics. Yet, they are still somewhat typical which is not a surprise. The developers of large companies are creating their games with a view to generating as much profit as possible......

The lists of the best games of 2020

How many games released in the previous year have you played? If you have had a chance to try at least a couple of them, you might be interested whether they have been into the rating list of the best games of 2020. Yet, you should be aware of the......

The best strategies for Android and iOS

Are you a devotee of strategic games? This is the best time to pick a couple of titles for your smartphone! There are so many games available for Android and iOS, but we have chosen only the best of them to recommend to you. No matter whether you love strategies......

Action games and all of their subcategories

Today computer gaming has amazing possibilities for improvement and development due to the technological process boosting the capacities of computers as well as the invention of virtual reality. This game a variety of new subgenres to the genre of action games which seemed to be so obvious. How can you......