Old computer games still worth playing

Are you feeling nostalgic about the games which were popular twenty years ago? You can still enjoy playing them!

While modern video games are impressing players with their state-of-the-art graphics, many games which we used to play twenty years ago still seem to be appealing and exciting. Even though we might find their appearance out-of-date today, their gameplay is something we want to enjoy over and over again. In this article, you will find great ideas for enjoying the games from previous generations.

Grand Theft Auto III

Undeniably, the previous versions of Grand Theft Auto III also had many fans. Yet, the third part of the series became a real breakthrough in the industry of action video games.

First of all, Grand Theft Auto III was the first 3D-game of the GTA series. Secondly, it provided players with amazing freedom starting from tens of radio stations and a possibility of listening to your own music as well as an immense choice of ammunition and cars. In addition to it, the city surrounding the player is large, vibrant and alive offering lots of opportunities for interactions.

On top of that, the plot of the game itself is particularly absorbing. Some fans of criminal thrillers might find it even worth of being used in a film.

If only you are ready to encounter an out-of-date 3D-technology used in this game, you will be able to enjoy Grand Theft Auto III released in 2001 a lot.

Heroes of Might and Magic III

Heroes of Might and Magic III is even older than GTA III, however, it still has a great number of devotees who are not willing to play anything from the choice of new games.

Heroes of Might and Magic III was released in 1998 and it already attracted many players. Even though there were critics at the time who were not particularly happy about this game, their concerns seem to be absolutely irrelevant today and they will definitely not make you stop playing Heroes of Might and Magic III.

The battles of this tactic strategy are themselves extremely absorbing whereas there are many other amazing features about this game. The variety of characters and creatures available in this game is immense. Such a diversity of options is making every ending of the campaign different.

Note there is an HD version available on the market which is regarded to be somewhat limited by many players. At the same time there is also an original version packed with all of the additional releases available on the market.

Thief: Deadly Shadows

Have you ever played a game which allows you to feel yourself as a real thief? This game is known as Thief: Deadly Shadows and it was released twenty years ago.

This game revolutionised the stealth genre as a lot of crucial elements of such a type of games were added here. For instance, the developers made it possible to distinguish steps of your enemies and other sounds which can be important for your success. In this game, you can really hide and also get rid of light in order not to get revealed.

You can still enjoy playing this game today as it has a very intuitive mechanism. If you decide to purchase the game do not forget to install TFix which is non-official addition particularly helpful for solving various bugs and making the game suitable for playing on modern operating systems.

Baldur’s Gate II

If you still haven’t played Baldur’s Gate II, you should give a try to it right now, especially if you are a fan of RPGs! This game is considered to be one of the best RPGs in the entire history of video games. Baldur’s Gate II is known for an immense amount of options to choose from including hundreds of characters and companions with various skills. The number of quests and tasks in this game is extremely large whereas the locations of the game are absolutely impressive.

This game is an especially good choice for those who are not particularly happy about increased dynamics of modern games. At the same time, this allows you to feel the game deeper and you can really get very absorbed while playing Baldur’s Gate II.

Diablo II

Another iconic RPG which is worth playing today even though it was released twenty years ago is Diablo II. To be precise, this RPG is of the cation type which is making it pretty simple when it comes to its gameplay. Actually, you will not find any complex tasks in Diablo II, you will not have to solve any puzzles or work on your tactics if you want to be successful while playing Diablo II. All you need to do is killing your enemies while travelling around 2-D world which is by the way is still very attractive.

There are many other games released twenty years ago which also deserve attention from modern players. Some of the most notable of them are, undeniably, Deus Ex, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, Half-Life, StarCraft as well as Quake II.