The best indie games according to Google

The top games of the modern market are undeniably incredible with all their realistic graphics, smooth gameplay and rich mechanics. Yet, they are still somewhat typical which is not a surprise. The developers of large companies are creating their games with a view to generating as much profit as possible in the first place. That is why they have to be sure players will love their games. Certainly, there is also a large investment made into such games so developers just can’t take a risk of losing this money.

The situation is completely different with indie games which are created by small groups of developers or even by a single designer. In this branch of the industry, developers are free to create whatever they really want. That is why the market of indie games is so rich. Still, it is not easy to find products of a really good quality since everyone can make and publish one’s own project.

If you are looking for amazing indie games, you can check the list of the Google choice in this article. Over thirty countries participated in the European Google Play Indie Games Contest and here you can see some of the most notable results.


One of the best indie strategies according to the developers of Google is A Planet of Mine. You will particularly like it if you are a fan of the space exploration genre. In this game, you will be able to visit various planets in the game world which are generated randomly so you never know what is waiting for you.


If you are a fan of games about space but are not particularly interested in strategies, you can try playing Captain Tom Galactic Traveler which is of the platformer genre. This game will also allow you to explore all the nooks and crannies of cosmos without being bothered about the rules of physics.

Do you like the style of pixel-art and a combination of 2D-graphics with a 3D perspective? Then, you should pay your attention to the Flat Pack platformer which will allow you to explore over thirty levels.


How about playing one of the best indie arcades? The developers of Google particularly like CORE in which your success heavily depends on your reaction. There is a small shining ball in this game which climbing up through the game space. The visual style of this game is absolutely unique so you should certainly give it a try.

Another amazing indie arcade is Fern Flower. This game looks very mysterious. Although the control system of Fern Flower is really simple, it is full of complex challenges which are certainly making this game very exciting.


Providing your favourite genre of game sis puzzles, especially the ones which include the tasks based on colours, you will be amazed by the beauty and exciting challenges offered by the I Love Hue game. The whole game is based on pictures which are created by moving rectangles of particular colours so that they will create a harmonious picture.

Even more colour puzzles are waiting for you in the KAMI 2 game. There are over a hundred of tasks in this game and you will be able to create your own. The idea of this game is a bit similar to I Love Hue since you should set all of the pieces in the right order, however, this time you have to make as few steps as possible in order to complete the tasks successfully. Note that you can even create your puzzles with KAMI 2.


If you still haven’t found anything attractive, you can always try playing adventure games chosen by Google. How about playing The Office Quest which is full of exciting tasks and puzzles which can save any office worker from boredom?

Other games considered by the team of the Google developers as the best on the market of indie projects are Unbalance, The House of Da Vinci, The Big Journey, Yellow, Undervault, Old Man’s Journey, Radium 2, No More Buttons, Kensho, Jodeo, Bury me, my Love as well as Bridge Constructor Portal.

As you can imagine, these games are available for the Android platform in the first place. Below you have a couple of recommendations on the way you can keep a track of new indie games being released in the world.

Where can you get information about new and most successful indie games?

When it comes to playing indie games on your personal computer, you should check Steam. The largest variety of indie games designed for personal computers is released with the help of this largest shop of video games since there are no particular restrictions when it comes to the quality of projects. In addition to it, the price of publication of your game with Steam is not thus large.

Certainly, you can also use social networks and other Internet services for keeping a track of new releases of indie games. For example, if you are using Twitter, you have a chance to find really useful interesting information about indie games with such accounts as Oliver Snyders and Notable Releases. Check an appropriate section on Reddit as well.

Actually, you can even help the developers of indie games. You can use the PlayMyGame service where such developers are sharing various information about their projects and also publish prototypes of their games.