Video games which are pure food for thoughts

While some people are seeking an escape from reality in games allowing this form of entertainment to absorb them completely and give their minds a rest, others are avoiding video games believing this form of spending your spare time is not able to enrich your inner world. To some point this is true, since many video games are really designed in such a way as to amuse and entertain you rather than allow you to learn, create and grow. Yet, there is a number of games which are going far beyond from commercial projects. Their aim is to make you ponder over what you will see and experience and some of these games will give you even more the masterpieces of literature.

Would you like to check one of such games? Look at the titles gathered in this article!

Dear Esther

If you are interested in adventure games, you might have already come across a relatively new subcategory of the games of this genre which are walking simulators. As you can imagine, a great part of such games is walking and exploring the fantasy world discovering the narrative line.

The first game released under such a category was Dear Esther created by The Chinese Room. This game was very untypical when it entered the market and it has still been very original. In fact, the game has such a unique design that it is rather difficult to describe it unless you experience it on your own.

The whole action is taking place on a heavenly beautiful island where you are getting as a main character, albeit, at some point you might start wondering whether there is any protagonist at all. walking around the world of the game, you might get lost in thoughts whether it is real or it is a very complicated illusion.

All in all, your trip around the island will take around two hours. You will get even deeper into the major world of Dear Esther with the help of a theatrical performance of the narration as well as amazing music. Undeniably, Dear Esther is a perfect game for everyone who would like to experience an absolutely new form of art.

This game can be purchased for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, Windows and Linux.


Those players who enjoy the sci-fi genre, will be amused by a sophisticated combination of ideas presented in Soma. This game is a concentrated form of thoughts about the real and artificial intellect. Even though the questions raised in this game are not original at all focusing on the selves of individualities, death and the criteria defining the reality of the world surrounding us, such a deep sense combined with fascinating forms of art such as amazing graphics, music and an abundance of text information is making this game absolutely unique.

Soma can be played on macOS, Windows, Linux and PlayStation 4.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is another creation of The Chinese Room which will be particularly appealing to the devotees of sophisticated literature.

With Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, The Chinese Room team was successful to create a game according to their own creative view rather than the commercial demands. Actually, A Machine for Pigs was supposed to be a continuation of the Amnesia horror. Yet, the result of the hard work of the developers was a real piece of literature presented as a video game.

At some point, you might find this game resembling Dear Esther, however, this time the project has a more defined and richer storyline. Note that this game has a very limited possibility of interaction, however, you will be immersed into a very serious art work focused on the social and philosophical problems of the modern world. Of course, these features are making Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs an artwork which might not be understood by many people. Yet, if you really seeking food for thoughts and will appreciate it in an innovative form, this game is definitely for you.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is currently available for macOS, Windows, Linux and PlayStation 4.

The Stanley Parable

In case you are a real fan of literature, you might be particularly interested in playing The Stanley Parable. This game is the result of an intense analysis of the relationship of a story, its narrator and a reader. What you will see in this game is the way the narration is being created right at the moment of your reading it. It might even happen that right in the middle of the story, you will find a half of the pages missing which might make you frustrated. Still, the authors of The Stanley Parable will show you how the missing information becomes information offering you a variety of forms of interactions with the game.

You will be able just to follow the storyline or try to miss it and even fight it. The developers will also allow you to search for bugs in the programme. No matter which road you choose, you will see very well-thought results of each of them.