The best free offline games for iOS and Android

Some online games offered for mobile devices require a good connection to the Internet and will also use a great amount of your Internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi for this purpose, this might not be a great deal for you, however, in case you are connecting through your mobile Internet, this might become an issue to you. Even if purchasing unlimited mobile Internet for you is not a great deal, there are still situations in which you might be willing to enjoy your favourite games while there is no Internet signal at all.

Certainly, it is better to be prepared for various situations and one of the things you can do is to have a couple of amazing games which are working perfectly offline. This article will suggest you a couple of the best titles released recently which are also available for free.

The best new offline puzzle game

Of course, there are a couple of nice puzzle games released in the recent time, which can be played on your phone without any connection to the Internet, however, if you are looking for one of the most outstanding titles, you should pay your attention to Glow Monsters developed by Crescent Moon Games.

The idea of the puzzle of this game is moving through labyrinths which are actually highly challenging since there is a number of monsters waiting for you inside of the constructions. One of the most difficult parts of Glow Monsters is the fact you have enemies and you will have to think really quickly in order to take the measures which will allow to block the movement of those creatures. As you can imagine, this becomes even more complex since wrong decisions will bring you to the corners of the game where there is no way out.

The best new offline racing simulator

The fans of racing simulators should pay their attention to the new game released by MassDiGI which is also offered by the game studio totally for free.

This game is CyberDrive 2077 and it is a mixture of a racing simulator with the vision of the future built on the high technologies and radiating with the glow of neon lights. Generally, the style of the game is cyberpunk and all of its elements are absolutely in tact with the major idea of the game.

Still, the plot of the game and its appearance are not the only unique features of CyberDrive 2077. Whart is also crucial about this game is the fact it is highly dynamic as you will find a great amount of obstacles on the way which should be successfully omitted. For this reason, you will need to react really rapidly to anything you come across on this game.

The best offline shooting simulator available for free

Providing you are looking for an ultimate shooting experience for your mobile phone which will not require any connection to the Internet, you should pay your attention to such a game as Cure Hunters.

Even though Cure Hunters is built on the mechanics of the retro shooting games, it is actually about the future as the time covered by the plot is the year of 2078. During this period, humans will be struggling to fight a new virus and you will be one of the hunters searching for the cure.

Every element of this game is worth your attention starting from the graphics which is very stylish up to the curious characters each of whom has one’s own unique weapon. It is also important to note the music for the game was created by Moose.

The best offline free platformer

How about playing a platformer on your mobile device especially the one which will allow you to feel yourself as a real hero even though you will have to turn into a dog for such an experience? The graphics and mechanics of the Dogs! game are based on the 2D technology which you will certainly enjoy if you like playing such games.

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