The best video game consoles to give a gamer as a present

You will hardly find a gamer who does not dream about a game console. If there is such a person among your relatives or friends, you might be willing to present a video game console to this person this year for Christmas.

This article will provide you with information about the best video game consoles on the market as well as well as the particular groups of people these devices will be perfect for.

For the fans of Nintendo games or a gamer playing on the go

Nintendo has a variety of absolutely amazing games loved by many generations of players. If the person for whom you would like to purchase a video game console is one of them, you should consider buying Nintendo Switch OLED. Real gamers know it is required not just for the sake of supporting of the manufacturer of the games, but actually many of the games designed by Nintendo can be played only on the Nintendo devices. That is why for enjoying the games designed by Nintendo, it is better to choose the console created by the same brand so that one will be sure The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey will work without any problems.

Another group of people who will enjoy such a present is certainly the gamers who prefer or have to play on the go most of the time. That is so since Nintendo Switch OLED is a portable video game console so it can be taken anywhere with you. At the same time, it is crucial to understand the console is not featured by such powerful characteristics as conventional game consoles used to play on a big screen.

Nintendo Switch OLED is the latest version of the Nintendo consoles and it has a range of upgraded features. For example, it is crucial to pay attention to the quality of the visualisation used in this device which is away better than the quality featuring the previous versions of the console. In this gadget, the designers have also used twice larger memory capacity. Now, instead of 32 GB, there are 64 GB of memory available to players. If this is not sufficient for all the gamer’s needs, the memory can be extended by an addition of a microSD card.

One can connect Nintendo Switch OLED with other devices via such ports as USB, HDMI and LAN.

Finally, Nintendo Switch OLED is equipped into a special holder which will help you to set it in the most convenient position for playing.

For the gamers who are just starting their adventure with consoles or the fans of Sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation is one of the classic video game consoles which have been used for years by gamers. Providing the person you would like to give a console as a present to is one of the devotees of this particular manufacturer of game consoles, it is certainly sensible to give the newest version of the device to him or her. Currently, it is Sony PlayStation 5.

You can also choose this particular console for a person who has never played a game console before and would like to try it. Sony PlayStation 5 will be enough for the majority of the latest video games due to its cutting-edge design. One will not experience any difficulties while playing the video games featured with 4K resolution. The device has a memory capacity of 825 GB.

Note there are two options for purchasing when it comes to Sony PlayStation 5. Digital Edition is a model which comes without any disk drive. If you want to have a conventional video game console, you should choose the Blu-ray one.

For the most demanding gamers

Real gaming fans who prefer having all of the cutting-edge technologies while enjoying their favourite games, would be really happy receiving the Microsoft Xbox Series X console. Right now, the components of this device are suitable for playing all of the latest game releases including the most demanding programmes. This video console is equipped into the memory capacity of 1Tb which is slightly more than the memory available for the users of Sony PlayStation 5.

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