The best strategies for Android and iOS

Are you a devotee of strategic games? This is the best time to pick a couple of titles for your smartphone! There are so many games available for Android and iOS, but we have chosen only the best of them to recommend to you. No matter whether you love strategies about building cities, developing your business, helping an entire nation flourish or the ones heavily based on battles, you will see great examples of each category on our list.

Battle strategy games

Action fighters can be exciting, however, battle strategies can be even more fascinating! If you do not believe us, try playing one of the following titles.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition

How about playing a thrilling strategy in which there is no way back in case of a mistake? Just imagine being an owner of your own island which is suddenly attacked by Vikings. It does not sound like anything extraordinary when it comes to the world of gaming, however, Bad North: Jotunn Edition will generate a new island for you each time you lose the game. And you can lose it really easily since fatal mistakes will make you start the game all over again.

XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within is a classic strategy game the aim of which is protecting the Earth from an army of aggressive aliens. If you enjoy prolonged battle scenes in which you have to decide about the location of your soldiers and the attacks they should perform, you will certainly love this popular game.

Bloons TD 6

The fans of strategies who prefer games of the Tower Defence style cannot miss a popular Bloons TD 6 game. This strategy is actually one of the best modern strategies, although the concept might seen somewhat strange since you characters are monkeys who are protecting their area from balloons.

Despite the fact the storyline of the game seems funny and childish, the strategy becomes more an more complex with each level so that you will really feel the taste of playing a great and challenging game.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

If you enjoy playing battle strategies, you might have already heard about Plants vs. Zombies 2. The second par6t of this popular game is going on in the real time. Here, your house is being attacked by zombies. No one can help you except for intelligent plants. In order to protect your house, you will have to plan the purchases of these plants and locate them on the map in an appropriate way so that zombies will be stopped before they attack people. In the meantime, your task is also collecting enough solar energy which is needed for maintaining your plants.

Door Kickers

If you are looking for a unique and challenging battle strategy, you should pay your attention to Door Kickers. The idea pf the game is simple – you just need to enter the building and kill of the bandits hiding there. Yet, the exciting part of this strategy is the fact your vision is limited to the view your enemies can see which makes it impossible for you to learn where your enemies are beforehand. This will make you really think hard about all possible scenarios.


Another untypical battle strategy is Gladiabots. Even though this game seems to be pretty minimalistic and plain, in the reality it is rather complex. That is so since you will not be able to take control over your group of fighting robots directly in order to participate in the battle successfully. Here, you will have to first programme the robots in an appropriate way. Only thus, they will be accepting your commands.

Building strategy games

Not everyone enjoy tactic battles. Another notable category of strategies is building and business strategy games. Here you have some ideas of the games to play on your smartphone.

Pocket City

Pocket City is one of the best simulators of building cities for smartphones. You might imagine this game will be pretty limited as it is always the case with the games designed for smartphones, albeit, this is not the case for Pocket City. This game is rich and densely packed with various functions and features which are making it almost as advanced as the legendary PC strategies such as Cities: Skylines and SimCity. With this game you will be able to change the size of taxes, construct roads and buildings of various types.

Project Highrise

A great building simulator for smartphones is Project Highrise. The idea of this game is very similar to the city builders, yet, the game is focused on building skyscrapers. Project Highrise will invite you to build and maintain a skyscraper in which the role of roads is taken by escalators and stairs. Playing this game you should plan electricity and water supply for every floor and keep a balance between the types and number of particular rooms on each floor of your building.

Other amazing strategy games for your smartphone are Plague Inc., Rebel Inc., The Battle of Polytopia and classic Rome: Total War which is now available for smartphones.