The best video games you can give as a present to men

The list of video games in this article includes a variety of great titles. If you have your friend or a partner loves playing exciting games full of action and fighting mechanics, you will certainly find a couple of good ideas here. These games are regarded to be leaders on the market , however, you should take into consideration the storyline so that you make sure the gamer to whom you are planning to make such a present really enjoys this kind of entertainment.

Something about zombies

If your friend or a significant other loves zombies, you should certainly get a copy of The Last of Us Part II. This game was one of the best-selling titles in many countries in 2020. The game will transport you into the world five years after pandemic. The situation is relatively stable, although there is always a chance of encountering intentioned people or getting attached by other survivors.

Still, at some point the balance is getting lost and the world becomes rather hostile again. Due to state-of-the-art graphics used in this game and especially the advanced graphics of the faces of the game’s characters, you can easily get absorbed by this virtual reality from the very start. Needless to say, this makes you feel a part of the game, so that you are really willing to do everything to get through all of the obstacles till the end.

Note that so far The Last of Us Part II is available for PS only.

Another great option for fans of zombies is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War which is the seventieth game of this series. This part of the legendary game has become a fantastic drama about spies with an American officer chasing a spy who is believed to be the one from the USSR. The entire scene is taking place in the 1980s and includes many fantastic locations such as East Berlin, Vietnam and Turkey.

Why is this game a great choice for zombie fans? The reason for it is the fact the developers have added a special zombie mode. The game has a secret laboratory in which you will find living dead who are presented by the creators of the game as the result of the experiments.

This game can be purchased for PC, PS as well as XBox.

Something for sports lovers

If you know a person who is crazy about football, FIFA 21 will be a great choice for a present for such a person. The developers of the latest part of this popular football simulator have made it particularly rich when it comes to the choice of players and teams. Actually, now, there are over 700 teams whereas the number of players is nearly 17 000. Furthermore, the number of stadiums has been extended up to while it is possible to play football right on the streets of such beautiful cities as Milan, Dubai, Paris, Sidney or San-Paolo. This is possible in the VOLTA Football mode.

A crucial feature of this part of FIFA is its high realism when it comes to the behaviour and playing style of various players. For example, you will be able to see large differences between the speeds of players.  

You can purchase FIFA 21 for Switch, PS, PC and Xbox.

Revolutions in the modern life

You can also give your friend a unique opportunity of getting inside one of the crucial economic and cultural centres of the world during the time of revolution. The Watch Dogs: Legion game takes place in London in the near future. The capital of England is full of protesting people the actions of whom are becoming more and more intense, so that the government had to use the service of a private military company which has to help to keep the situation under control.

This turn of events made the life in the city particularly risky, thus, the Dead Sec group of hackers are doing their best to improve the situation.

Watch Dogs: Legion is an absolutely unique game in which you can invite almost any person to become a part of the organisation of rebels. What is more exciting, all of these citizens have their own private quests and you will have to complete them in order to get an individual into your organisation.

The game is also featured by a variety of tasks which include violent actions as well as more logic challenges.

Pay your attention to the amazing actions this game offers to players. For example, you can develop some extra skills such as football playing or will be able to get any kind of transport you find on the streets.

Watch Dogs: Legion can be played on Xbox, PC and PS.

Other great games you can consider for buying as a present for a man

People who love historical settings and especially the theme of Vikings will certainly be excited to play Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Those who admire the history and culture of Japan might enjoy playing Ghost of Tsushima which is one of the best games of 2020.

Do not forget about such titles as Doom Eternal, Hitman 3, Nioh 2 and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Just make sure the game you would like to buy is compatible with the gaming platform the person for whom you are purchasing the present is using.