Action games and all of their subcategories

Today computer gaming has amazing possibilities for improvement and development due to the technological process boosting the capacities of computers as well as the invention of virtual reality. This game a variety of new subgenres to the genre of action games which seemed to be so obvious. How can you possibly mistake an action game for any other genre if all of them are cantered on the action which is taken by the player under your control. Actually, the majority of first video games were exactly of this type, for example, Galaga or Donkey Kong.

Today, there is a large diversity of action games available on the market and as a gamer, you will certainly want to look through them.


One of the most widespread types of action games is a shooter. Shooters allow players to engage various types of shooting weapons into the game. Shooters themselves have several subcategories which are usually based on the differences between the player’s perspective.


An FPS is a first-person shooter such as Half-Life or Call of Duty. Such games are played from the viewpoint of the main character.

Third-person shooters

The popular examples of third-person shooters are Splatoon and Fortnite. Such games are not featured with thus an immersive feeling of being your character since you are observing him or her from the side or a bit from above.

Top-down shooters

Pay your attention to one more subcategory of shooters which is not mentioned frequently. This is a group of top-down shooters which are featured with a totally overhead viewpoint of your carachter. Usually, you will also be able to observe the amount of health remained in your character. Such games, as a rule, have a set of lives which can be cause the end of the game once there is no life left.


As you can imagine, fighting action games will let you participate in hand-to-hand combat just as it can be seen in Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. It is popular for fighting action game to offer their players a range of characters each of whom has a unique skill. Traditional fighting games also use a special system of advancing which requires combating more skilled opponents gradually.

Beat-em up

There is also a very special type of action game which can be either a shooter or a fighting one which is called a brawler or a beat-em up game. The idea of such a game is that you are not involved in a combat with just a single enemy. Instead of that, you will be attacked by a wave of numerous enemies at a time. Furthermore, you can experience a wave after another while playing beat-em up action games.


Platformers are also action games, however, such games do not necessarily include fighting. As a rule, they have special platforms and a character is interacting with these platform through the game. Some of the basic actions you will be able to perform is jumping, running or falling. While one of the earliest platformers is Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros is the most well-known one of this type.


Survival games are also regarded to be action ones. These games have become particularly popular in the recent time. The mechanics and plots of such games can be quite different. For example, on of the most favourite survival games of modern players is Fortnite. In this game, you will be able to explore an open world in which you will be able to interact with various elements. The idea of such a game is surviving for the maximum possible time. For this purpose, you will be able to perform such necessary actions as sheltering, crafting tools and using weapons.

At the same time, there are more linear survival games resembling Resident Evil which was one of the first survivals.

Pay your attention to the fact some experts regard survival games as action-adventure ones and give a separate category to them. This categorisation is made on the belief that there is an adventure part during which you have to collect particular elements and objects and then an action part in which you are actually using these items.


Stealth action games combine the fighting mechanics with game challenges which can be resolved if you use your precision and logical thinking. A great example of such an action game is Dishonored which will encourage you to analyse the situation carefully before getting into the fight.


Finally, there is one more type which is also regarded to be an action one even though it differs from the action games ion this list a lot. This is a rhythm game which is heavily connected to music. Such a game can be either of a dancing type or of any other type making you keep on with the rhythm of the soundtrack of the game.

Perfect examples of such games are Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution in which special buttons on the controller have to be pressed while you are listening to the accompanying melody. In such a way, you will be able to collect points needed for getting better on the game.