Will your gaming abilities improve with expensive gaming gear?

The modern market is filled with computer gadgets designed specifically for gamers and if you are one of them, you might have already tried a couple of such devices. These are not only looking promising, but also highly aesthetic seducing a gamer to add them to one’s gaming system. Yet, if you look at the offer of gaming gear, it can be rather expensive. Needless to say, many players, no matter whether gaming is their hobby or they are doing it professionally, are wondering whether their gaming experience will really be enhanced by using one of such devices.

I will do my best to help you to understand what is really needed for improving your gaming sessions and what is not necessary so that you will be able to invest your money in the optimal way.

The computer devices you will not need for playing better.

Here are the items which you can buy but you really do not have to if you hope to play better after purchasing them.


Certainly, this is pretty obvious to everyone. Headsets will not make you play better by any means. Of course, at some point you will wish to be able to hear better but most this only concerns the way you will be able to enjoy the sounds of the game.

Using specifically designed gaming headsets will give you a chance to hear the sounds coming more n naturally, deeply and, as a result, a more immersive gaming effect will be created.

What is a sure thing is that you should choose headphones over speakers. That is so since you will definitely have a better understanding of the space while listening to the sounds through the headphones. If you really want increase the quality of the sound, gaming headsets are not necessarily for this purpose since any headphones of a high quality will have the same effect.

Gaming mice

Unlike the case of headsets, when it comes to the necessity o f a gaming mice for gaming experience, it is not thus obvious at all.

Actually, there are some parameters of the mice which have some importance for your experience which are for example the grip, the weight of the device as well as the sensor. Yet, all of these things combined with high DPI will not make you a better gamer. The gaming process might become somewhat more comfortable but not significantly.

What you really need in order to improve the gaming at this point is working on the game mechanics. Being really persistent in performing some activities needed for playing will boost your own skills. This is a harmony of your skills after all which is making you successful during the game. No matter how appealing special gaming mice look, they will not change the situation too much. This means you can easily make do without a mouse which costs over 100 USD.

The gadgets which will make a difference in the quality of your playing performance

As you have just seen, some of the gaming gear is really over advertised and you can easily make do without it. Yet, this cannot be said about everything which the market is offering to players. What then should you buy? There are the devices you can consider purchasing if you want to feel a real difference if performance.

Gaming keyboards

As for me, the greatest impact on the gaming experience is made by the quality of the keyboard you are using. Gaming keyboard which are certainly looking extremely attractive are also equipped into a different technology making them mechanical devices rather than membrane ones which are designed for a general usage. The difference between these two technologies is immense.

With a  mechanical keyboard you will certainly feel better during a prolonged period of gaming not feeling fatigues in your hands and wrists which are rather typical for players. Of course, this makes such a keyboard an absolute necessity for people who are playing the games including lots of actions controlled by a keyboard.

This also makes typing more effective and less tiresome. Needless to say, some of the games require typing as well.

Again, you will not necessarily become a better gamer if you purchase a gaming keyboard. Yet, in the case of this device, the difference between a regular one and a gaming one is really huge.


The quality of a monitor is certainly crucial, however, if you do not have an opportunity right now to invest in both a keyboard and a monitor, I will suggest purchasing the first one right now and then save money for a monitor. Yet, if you can afford buying a gaming monitor, this can b e a good idea.

Gaming monitors differ from regular models with a higher refresh rate and a lower response time. In practice the both of these parameters mean that you will be able to see the changed image earlier than your rival. As a result, you yourself will be able to respond more quickly to various events. Yet, as you can imagine this still cannot be done if you do not shave sufficient cognitive skills or your reflexes are not strong enough. Thus, a gaming monitor will be of no use if you are not good at playing your game.