Do you know these amazing facts about esports?

It is not a secret that esports is becoming more and more popular. The development of new exciting video games as well as gaming devices is attracting more and more players from around the world, let alone the fact esports is one of the most appealing industries for investors. The prizes now available in tournaments for particular videogames such as for instance DOTA or Fortnite have overcome the largest prizes in popular traditional kinds of sports.

Would you like to learn about esports more? Here you will find some amazing information!

Esports is an official kind of sports in the US

While some people are absolutely sure of the importance of gaming being regarded as an official kind of sports as they believe there are many similarities between gamers and other athletes, there are also people who are convinced there are too many differences between esports and traditional sports. Still, it is already regarded to be an official kind of sports in the US.

As you can imagine, this is not just a mere issue of naming. In practice, this means gamers are regarded by the government as professional athletes which gives them the same privileges as any other professional athletes have.

Esports as a filed of academic study

Actually, esports is not only an official kind of sports in some countries now, but it is also a field of academic study. In the US a number of respectable universities including The Ohio State University, UC Irvine and the University of Texas are offering degree programs which are allowing students to mater esports.

You should not be sceptical about these programmes as they are not just about playing games. A part of these programmes is dedicated to studying gaming process professionally indeed, however, this only a small fraction of the material. There is a lot of other crucial information taught at these universities regarding esports for instance strategic statistical analysis and the business approach of managing esports teams.

Thus, you can really study esports in a scientific way now and become an esports expert.

There are no age limits for esports

Another peculiar fact is that esports is open to everyone regardless of the age. People of different age are taking part in esports tournaments. Actually, when it comes to a general trend for gaming, the average age of people frequently playing video games was around thirty years old which means this entertainment is no longer associated exclusively with teenagers.

Still, many people are starting playing games which can be played professionally in a very young age. For instance, the youngest professional player of esports started his career at the age of only six years. As you can imagine, this person is now in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Furthermore, so far, the largest prize available in single-player esports tournaments which was equal to $3 million dollar was won by a player who was only 17 years of age at that time! This amazing player is Kyle Giersdorf who has shown excellent skills in playing Fortnite.

As you can see, even children can participate in esports tournaments and fight for really huge money prizes. Certainly, you cannot call gaming an aimless hobby any more.

What is about the Hall of Fame for esports?

The Esports Hall of Fame is already here and the fans of gaming are eager to celebrate the success of the most outstanding players.

Certainly, the Hall is not thus big as it is in the case of other kinds of sports since esport is a relatively young sports branch, however, it is getting more and more celebrities. Actually, the first players who received the honours of the Esports Hall of Fame did it in 2016 which was not long ago. The first player is a real celebrity when it comes to playing the Quake franchise whereas the second one is famous for one’s achievements in playing Counter-Strike.

There have been four more inductees since then. One of them has got one’s honours in the category of the Special Awards whereas the other one has been honoured for the “Community” achievements.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, when it comes to esports, irt is also crucial to honour the people who are making esports possible in the first place. For such outstanding individuals, there is a separate Hall of Fame which is known as the esports Insider Hall of Fame. This one is dedicated to the individuals whose work has change the industry of esports significantly.

Certainly, just like any other sports industry, esports also needs many other experts who will make the gaming process possible in the first place. In fact, there is a variety of jobs related to the industry which is not focusing on the gaming itself. Some of the examples are travel coordinators, house managers, journalists and shoutcasters.