The best video games for children of the age between 8 and 12 years

In the previous article, we have already discussed the best video games for the youngest players. Actually, it is easier to suggest games appropriate to the age of your child in the young age as pre-teens might be more willing to play they games which are actually not designed for them. Needless to say, no parents want their children to play violent shooters designed for adults.

Fortunately, there is a large choice of amazing games which can teach your child various useful skills such as planning or cooperation. Some of the games which may appear attractive to children of the age between 8 and 12 years will also train their brain, whereas others will teach various subjects including history.

Note that the games collected in this article are all very exciting so your child will really enjoy playing them.


Fortnite is a highly popular game so even your child might have already heard about it. This game is of the battle royale type and it is played from the third person perspective. Actually, the genre of this game is a shooter, however, it goes far beyond that.

According to the plot of the game, there was an event known as The Storm which gave a birth to entire hordes of creatures which resemble zombies very much. Now, the survived humans have to do their best to protect themselves against these creatures who haunt at night. At the same time, the survivors also have to be very careful with each other.

The game is featured with interesting gadgets and weapons and also includes an amazing crafting component of fortress building which enriches the game a lot. In fact, even though the game is officially recognised as a shooter, it also relies on strategies a lot. The game encourages players to think a lot and at the time is full of action, although there is no blood in it.

Fortnite can be played on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Note that Fortnite Battle Royal which is the PVP version is available absolutely free of charge.

Sim City

Needless to say, Sim City is extremely popular among adults who enjoy strategies and city building simulators. Still, it will be highly sensible to introduce this amazing game to your child as well as it can teach him or her a lot of great skills.

First of all, your kid will have a chance to understand the way in which modern cities are functioning since this game includes advanced constructing options as well as tax management. Some of the topics covered by this game are property zoning, planning, community operations and even engineering. it is particularly worth playing it if you are living in the country and your child is not well-acquainted with the way cities are functioning.

Sim City can be played on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Nancy Drew Interactive Mysteries

If your child loves mystery and spooky stories, you should certainly show Nancy Drew Interactive Mysteries to him or her. As you can imagine, this game is based on the literary series about Nancy Drew.

Nancy Drew Interactive Mysteries will invite your kid to explore a range of fascinating settings including dark caves and haunted houses. At the same time the puzzles included into the game will help your child to train math, logic skills and memory in such way that your child will not even realise it.

The best age to start playing Nancy Drew Interactive Mysteries is 10 years. This game can be purchased in a disc format and is also available for downloading.


One more extremely popular video game which you yourself might enjoy playing is Civilization which is one of the most popular strategies available on the market.

Civilization will take your child to the beginning of the raise of human culture. The span of the game starts in 4000 BC. The gameplay of Civilizations is based on some historical events, albeit not thus strictly.

The mechanics of the game allows a player to enjoy Civilization alone or with other players. As you can imagine, players are expected to explore the world of the game, exploit its resources, expand their nations and exterminate their enemies.

Civilization is a perfect way to develop the skills which are needed for playing strategies successfully and, at the same time, it can make your child really interested in history.

Civilization is available on PlayStation, PC and Xbox.

Kerbal Space Program 2

Kerbal Space Program 2 might not be thus popular as the previously described titles, however, it is still loved by many players around the world.

Kerbal Space Program 2 is a simulator of an aircraft which allows your child to explore the space while learning rocket science. Lots of puzzles and challenges are waiting for your child on the way. In addition to it, the game also includes a space colonisation layer which is making this game even more exciting and teaches children to think critically.

Kerbal Space Program 2 can be played on the popular gaming consoles and a personal computer.