The best video games for kids of the age between 4 and 8 years

Playing video games in the early age is rather controversial. On the one hand the majority of parents understand that video games can have a lot of benefits for their children even if they are not designed specifically as educational. The younger the player is, the more he or she can learn by playing video games. On the other hand, it is absolutely obvious that there is a large range of video games which should not be played by young gamers as they include a lot of violence.

For that reason, many parents are simply confused about whether they should introduce their small children to the world of video games or not. If you still have not made up your mind, you can take a look at these suggestions of the video games which will be the best for the children starting from the age of four years. The games presented in this article will help your child to develop such skills as organisation, math, problem-solving as well as cooperation.


The list of the bets games for small children cannot make do without Minecraft which has been one of the most popular games for quite a while. There is nothing strange in it since the game is really very well-made.

One of the greatest advantages of Minecraft is the fact it is extremely versatile offering players a variety of ways for playing. A large part of the game is dedicated to exploration and resource gathering. Another crucial component of the gameplay is undeniably contracting itself. Do not forget about the fact the game also includes combat, however, the combat component has nothing in common with popular shooters filled with violence.

Pay your attention to the fact Minecraft can also be called an educational game. Children are encouraged to modify the original root code of Minecraft written in Java which helps them to get a grasp of this powerful programming language.

Both the survival and creative modes of Minecraft are perfect ways to teach your child social skills.

Minecraft is extremely popular so you will be able to find it for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PCs, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

LEGO Creator Islands

As the name of this game suggests it is about constructing with the LEGO blocks which itself is an amazing activity not only for children but also for parents. Unlike in the case of real LEGO sets, in this game, the opportunities of constructing and creating for your children will be absolutely unlimited. The variety of bricks and accessories offered by this LEGO building simulator is extremely large, so it will fascinate any LEGO fan. In addition to it, the gameplay of this game is simply excellent.

The area created by the developers of LEGO Creator Islands for building is itself amazing. There are five picturesque exotic islands in this game which your child will be able to explore. This is itself an amazing adventure.

LEGO Creator Islands is a completely free game and it does not include any in-app purchases or advertisements. Undeniably, the game itself is a kind of an advertisement of the LEGO sets as it certainly encourages young players to explore the real toys offered by the brand. Yet, this is done in a very gentle manner so that your child will be able to really enjoy the gameplay and not necessarily get all crazy about shopping for real sets. Even though he or she will be willing to get one, isn’t it what you many modern parents want their children to do – playing real toys exercising their imagination rather than spending hours in front of their PCs and smartphones?

So far, LEGO Creator Islands is available for desktop computers and laptops as well as on iTunes.

Solar System with Astro Cat

Invite your child on a trip around the universe where he or she will be able to explore the mysteries and wonders of stars, planets and galaxies. Your child will absolutely enjoy the company of Astro Mouse and Astro Cat who will help him or her to understand astrophysics better.

Solar System with Astro Cat is available on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. Note that this game is not free, however, its price is relatively small and the game itself is definitely worth it.

Pet Bingo

Pet Bingo is a typical educational game which is designed in order to introduce your child into the world of Math in the most pleasant way possible. Pay your attention to the fact this game is not only approved by other parents but it is also a winner of Parent’s Choice Gold Award.

The material covered by this game includes basic mathematical operations such as subtraction and addition, multiplication and division. It also covers measurements and geometry. All of these concepts are taught on several difficulty levels which will adapt to the progress of your child. Solving the problems gives Pet awards to children which can be used for shopping in the Pet store.