Everything you need to know about Dark Arms: Beast Buster

If you have never played Dark Arms: Beast Buster but you are looking for some old-school titles to explore, you certainly should pay your attention to Dark Arms: Beast Buster which is a very unique game comprising curious features will not find even in the modern games. Read this article to learn more about the gameplay of Dark Arms: Beast Buster and what to expect from this game.

The modes of the game

Upon the start of the game, you will be prompted with the menu screen, with a fantastic logo of the game. The logo itself deserves some proper attention. You will be prompted with three options to choose from.

The  first one, the ‘Story mode’, where basically the fantastic game campaign starts. Another one is ‘Vs mode’. This is where you find this article Easter egg, that is, you will be able to play a versus mode with your friends or family or your sworn enemy. For this purpose, you would need a Neo Geo pocket cable. Other option is being the ‘Option’ itself where you find pretty useful options. Let’s look at the interesting part, no pun intended, the campaign or the story mode.

The gameplay of Dark Arms: Beast Buster

Basically, the game story goes something like there are group of people called, ‘Beast busters’. Beast Busters were experts of mystical supernatural phenomena and supposedly could not be explained by science, because scientists got frustrated with all of the crazy supernatural phenomena so they decided not spend time on looking for the explanations and fixed their glasses, ate their chips and carried on with their other research.

The creation of your own weapons

It was said, in the game, not by me, that there was a book among these group of  busters called ‘The contract of darkness’ which contained all of the information needed to build, acquire and go on a busting spree with various weapons. These guns were basically your primary weapons to bust those asses of those supernatural beasts, people causing disturbance at night. How dare they!

Amazing thing about building these weapons are, you have to go on a quest and kill or captivate those beings as you wish, and feed them to the gun and grow its power. You start off with a regular captive gun, called ‘Catcher’, which did not kill the supernatural beasts but rather capture them and keep them in your beast buster vault.

The start of the game and its progress

You begin by talking to the death, a cloaked skeleton, who was supposedly there to help you and did walk you through the starting phase of the game. He is called the “Master” by that other worldly realm. You then start wandering around in the room with this ever tiny figure with every tiny figures around you, holding your catcher up, confused, moving possibly towards all directions standing in one place, inside the Master’s house where Master is just chilling in the house, trying to find the meaning of his existence perhaps. You then go out and look at the map. The map itself is fantastic!

The action starts when you get to the graveyard, capturing as much beasts as you can. At this stage, there are creatures like Zombies, cursed skeletons on fire, regular chilling skeleton with groovy gestures as if they are always kind of grooving on some hip hop beats. You look for a weird looking thing called Seed inside one of those crypts and then come to the Master’s house. Basically, every time you need to upgrade your weapons you need to come back to the Master’s house and talk to him to upgrade or evolve your weapons.

All thorough out the games, you will discover amazing creatures with their own unique abilities which then you can use to feed your weapon. For example, if you feed your weapon some skeletons on fire, your weapons will immediately turn into a fire gun. The whole game has a fantastic spooky art and music which makes it even more worthy!