Tools useful for purchasing games on Steam

Certainly, one of the major reasons people are using Steam is shopping for video games. There are several tools which can make the shopping process more efficient.

Enhanced Steam

Enhanced Steam is an extension for Steam which can be used for getting more information about games once you want to purchase them.

The most important information for customers is certainly the information about the prices of the games. With this tool, you will be able to find the smallest price for the game you are interested of all the time since its release. At the same time, you will be able to check the price of the game on other markets including the current sales offered by the sources other than Steam.

Needless to say, with such a comparison tool, you will be able to find the best offer.


As the name suggests, the tool is used for showing the bets offers for the games available on Steam. In fact, this function is the part of Enhanced Steam. the difference between Enhanced Steam and IsThereAnyDeal is in their form. The first one is a browser extension, whereas the latter one is a standalone programme.

Just like with Enhanced Steam, IsThereAnyDeal is offering the information about the best prices for particular games on various markets, not necessarily on Steam only.

The countdown to the sale son Steam

Another way of getting the best deals on Steam is to use a special countdown tool which will show you how much time it is left to the largest sales organised by Steam. The tool will show you the time left to the major sales which might happen within months, however, you will at least know how much you need to wait to get the best offers.

Learn more about your gaming experience

Have you been using Steam for some time already? You might be interested in calculating some curious statistics of your activity on this platform. This can be useful if you want to estimate how much time and money you are spending on your hobby.


Steamtime is the service which will count the time you have spent on playing video games with the help of Steam. This can be some interesting information, no matter whether you find the time spent on gaming a waste or not.

In order to use this tool, you will need to insert your Steam username. Pay your attention to the peculiar feature of the website. Actually, it has so-called Hall of Shame which shows the leaders of gaming with the maximum time spent on playing through steam. In all likelihood, the time you are spending on this activity is not thus long anyway.

Steam DB Calculator

If you want to understand the amount of money you have already spent on the games purchased through Steam, you should try Steam DB Calculator.

This tool will calculate the value of your entire collection on Steam and will show you the results in the currency you prefer. Furthermore, you can find more peculiar information about your collection which might make you even more aware of your expenses and purchases. For example, you will be able to check the number of games you have purchased on Steam and have never played at all.

SGG or Steam Game Gauntlet

This tool has been created with a view to making the choice of a new game easier for the customers of Steam. Not everyone is coming to this platform with a particular idea of the games they would like to purchase and play. Many gamers are just wondering over the gigantic library of the service which can certainly take a lot of time.

In case you do not want to spend much time on finding a new game to play, you can rely on Steam Game Gauntlet. This platform will generate a tool resembling wheel of fortune filled with the collection of the games offered by Steam. Spin this wheel and see the option offered by the platform. It might be a great option for purchasing.

Steam Inventory Helper

Steam Inventory Helper is an extension made for the Chrome browser which can be particularly handy for the people who are using Steam for trading, buying and selling a lot. The extension will provide you with a pricing system with automatic adjustment which is using market fluctuation, a wide selection of sales and cards and much more.

Fair Steam

If you are looking for a new game, in all likelihood you are already watching the trailer of this game. If you have ever watched such video on the Steam platform, you might have noticed, they are not necessarily realistic when it comes to the depiction of the real game you will get.

If you install the Fair Steam browser extension, it will be adding real videos of gameplay published on YouTube right on the page of the store next to the original videos available on Steam.

Of course, this might seem needless since all of these videos are already available on YouTube, however, Fair Steam makes it all available in one place which is certainly simple for accessing and useful while choosing a game.