Amazing facts about Minecraft

Even if you are not a fan of Minecraft but you love gaming in generally, you will still find these facts about Minecraft curious! Minecraft is one of the most unique games available on the market which practically has not changed since 2009 when it was released. Certainly, the game is constantly being updated and you will find more and more new features in its, however, it is not being changed dramatically as it happens with many other games which are getting their new versions totally different from the original ones.

Check these curious facts about the classic one of the video game industry!

There are over 131 million active players of Minecraft every month

Certainly, more and more people are playing video games in general which is the result of many factors. The pandemic making people stay at home is one of the most crucial factors of the recent time. One of the most popular games played by people during the quarantine is Minecraft. Those, who are already in love with the game have more time for enjoying it whereas those who have never played it before now have more opportunities for checking it out. Thus, there is nothings strange in the fact more than 131 million people now actively play Minecraft every month.

The growth of popularity of Minecraft

Minecraft is undeniably a one-of-a-kind game when it comes to a tremendous success it is enjoying. As you can see, the game is already twelve years old and it is becoming more and more popular. For example, according to the statistics of May, 2020, the number of players grown by 25% comparing to the previous month back to the time.

Currently the sales of the game have overcome 200 000 copies of the game.

Popularity on YouTube

Even if you have never played Minecraft and have never checked any video tutorials on the net, you might have still already come across creator channels dedicated to the constructions made with Minecraft.

Actually, the number of such channels is simply huge and it is still growing. Just imagine there were around 147 thousand creator channels on YouTube seven years ago! It is even difficult to imagine how many of them there are on the net today.

By the way, in 2015 one of the most frequently searched terms on the Internet was Minecraft.

One more fun fact about Minecraft videos

When it comes to videos, it is also not surprising that there is a gigantic amount of user video generated every year. For instance, in 2018, there were around 311 000 created by users only on YouTube. The number of views of these videos during that year reached 45.1 views!

This statics was made on May 2019. Back to that date, there had already been 5 million videos related to Minecraft on the Internet.