How can you enjoy video games without harming your health?

No matter how videogames can increase one’s reaction, problem-solving abilities and other cognitive skills, it is certainly not good for one’s health. If you want to avoid possible health issues which can be developed if you are particularly into gaming or in case your work itself requires from you sitting behind the screen, you should pay close attention to the recommendations in this article.

Take care of your eyes

One of the major organs suffering because of your passion for videogames is your eyes. Although modern monitors are not thus harsh as the previous models, the mere fact one is looking at a screen which is located in quite a close proximity makes one’s eyes suffer.

The major problem in such a case is overstraining eyes and drying them too much. As a result, you can experience problems with vision and even severe headache. If you are a person prone to short-sightedness, you should be particularly careful about overstraining your eyes.

The best thing you can do to protect your vision is to perform eye exercises every hour of playing. It is particularly important to change your vision from close objects to the ones located in distant places. For example, Look through window for a couple of minutes. This itself will help the muscles of your eyes.

If you are not sure you are ready to make such breaks during an exciting session of gaming, you can choose another option which allows you to make very short 20-second breaks every 20 minutes. During this time you should look through a window trying to focus your eyes on distant objects. In order to remember to do it, you can set a special timer with such mobile apps as Eye Care 20 20 20 or 20 twenty 20. The first one is designed for iOS, while the second one is earmarked for Android devices.

Be aware of your posture

According to many health experts and doctors, a sitting position is absolutely unnatural for people and thus, causes a whole range of health problems. In fact, many specialists believe hours spent in a sitting position can cause or worsen particular health problems.

In all likelihood, you will feel an urge to stand up from time to time while working or studying behind the screen. Yet, it is not the case when you are absolutely absorbed into a thrilling game. In such a case you will not feel any discomfort even if you have spent many hours playing.

Unfortunately, spending more and more hours behind the screen will eventually change the distribution of weight in your body making your body develop unnatural posture. This will lead to problems with blood circulation and problems with your internal organs let alone the back pain.

For that reason, you should invest into a special chair for gaming if this hobby is really serious and you are spending a lot of time playing. Of course, the price of such furniture is not small at all, yet, it is worth it. This will help you to protect your body at least to some degree.

Still, it will be even better if you just not let yourself seat thus long without standing up and moving at all. Remember that long hours spent in a sedentary position is thus harmful for your health as obesity and smoking.

You should stand up at least for ten minutes every hour and go around the home or go outside. This will help you to minimise the negative effects of sitting at least to some degree.