Professions of the video game industry not related to esports and development

There is an entire group of professions related to the industry of video games which are focusing on the promotion of the games already existing on the market. As you can imagine, depending on the size of a video game, the product might require a very large group of specialists for it promotion.

At this stage, the individuals working on the promotion of games do not necessarily have to be well-informed about the process of game development. That is why such jobs can be more attractive to the fans of video games who actually do not find development itself interesting. Yet, their job is extremely crucial for the success of video games as they are involved into the entire process of advertising, feedback collection, creating gaming communities and monetising.

Even though the technical knowledge about game development is not required for their promotion, the specialists of this brunch should still have understanding of the industry. This might require some preparation for the job.

Game analyst

If you are interested in statistics and other methods of analytics, you should pay your attention to a career of a game analyst.

There is a variety of crucial and interesting tasks such a specialist is responsible for. The major task of such an analyst is collecting the information and analysing it in the way allowing one to develop the game and improve it. In fact, one can describe the work of such a specialist as the search for answer to the question “How one can earn money on a particular video game?”.

The work of a game analyst can be seen on different levels starting with problems players might experience while completing levels of the game up to the effectiveness of the currently used advertising methods. Of course, a lot of work made by a game analyst is focused on the prediction of the future condition of the game and its position on the market.

Community manager

Are you crazy about video games but are not particularly attracted by some of the career options as they include long hours of work in solitude? In such a case, you should consider the work of a community manager.

As it has been already noticed, one of the important tasks of the people involved into the game promotion is creating a game community. Of course, providing you are an active player yourself, you are certainly aware of the meaning of such communities for socialising between the players themselves as well as the players and the representative of the team of developers. For the latter one a community is a huge source of information about the way real players perceive the game. Needless to say, a possibility of having a direct contact with the fans of the game gives a great amount of information about its performance in the real time.

By the way, community managers have a lot of other tasks. These individuals will have to perform the work of marketing specialists, copywriters and event-managers. At the same time, it is expected such individuals will be providing players with technical support. Furthermore, they can be regarded as top-players in the community and, in addition to it, they will have to react to all the negativity coming from the players, so such specialists might even feel themselves psychologists.

Obviously, this is a job for people who enjoy socialising and are ready to the situations in which such socialising might not be necessarily positive.

Marketing specialists

Some of the tasks of marketing specialists might be close to the responsibilities of community managers, however, their job is more focused on the marketing promotion of video games. Most of the time, marketing specialists are searching for the ways to promote the title of the game, creating advertising materials and promotional campaigns and also searching for influencers.